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In case you didn’t know it has been made a law that every blog on earth has to make some comment about the Inauguration of Barak Obama. I thought I would get mine out of the way now.

What a spectacle! Millions and millions of spectators. I was amazed at Rick Warren being invited to give the invocation. What a word of praise! I was stunned that they got Aretha Franklin to sing. She’s still alive? They didn’t bring her back from the dead for this did they? They got John Williams to write the theme song???? Yo-Yo Ma, Izak Perlman get second billing???

I was totally blown away that Obama messed up his lines when he was sworn in. Surely he practiced these lines before today. They don’t change this every time do they? And then as Obama’s being sworn it I looked at the clock. It was just after noon. Coincidence? Hardly. This is the most engineered media event I have ever seen. I am typing this as it happens and I have no doubt I will be able to find a link to the copy of the text of this speech already.  The picture I’ve got above was available minutes after it happened on the Internet.  That still amazes me.

Then the speech. Whatever you think of Obama’s policies you have to admit
this guy is inspiring. How I wish Canada had someone, anyone who could cast a vision so grand and vivid. I wouldn’t listen to Steven Harper for five minutes, I wouldn’t hear Michael Ignatief for one minute. I wouldn’t watch Jack Layton tie his shoes, but I could listen to this guy for an hour. It is sobering to realize that the world of the next four years will be dictated by the themes of this speech; and a Christian ethic was everywhere. I thought it was the Republicans who were the spiritually inclined party.  I know this is a gross over simplification  but do you mean to tell me that McCain would have featured God more on this day? How is that even possible? The crowd could hardly hold it’s applause during the prayers for Pete’s sake! An American poet wrote, for this very occasion, a Praise Song for Today. In it she amazingly said, “the most powerful word is love.”

Sometimes, (only sometimes) I wish we did politics like our neighbours to the south do. Who is our Prime Minster? We may have a new one without even knowing it next week. In the US you would have to be living in a hole WELL underground to not know about this event. What an event!

Then they sung the anthem! That was impressive! It stirs the soul, and I’m not even American.  This is the way to name a head of state. We have got to start doing this.