Today was a surreal experience that broke my heart. I was returning from McMaster at about 11: 30 am when I joined the QEW off the 403 in Burlington and immediately started seeing police cruisers – five or six at a time – parked on the side of the road with the officers standing together beside their cruisers. Many other vehicles were also pulled over to the side of the road on both sides of the highway.


After I had crossed the Burlington Skyway I drove under the Centennial Park overpass and saw more than a hundred, police, firefighters, and pedestrians lining the rail, standing in the rain. Every overpass from there until Beamsville had fifty, a hundred, even more standing on them. Fire trucks were parked on every bridge, with their lights going. The Maple Ave bridge in Grimsby looked like it had an entire public school standing on it.

I called Julie and figured out what was happening. Warrant Officer Dennis Brown, who died last week in Afghanistan, was returning home today by military motorcade. The demonstration of grief, and respect, and honour was very touching. I pulled over just before the Beamsville exit and filmed this with my cell phone:

St. Catharines Standard article


When a Christian prays the Lord’s prayer they repeat the words of Jesus, “Your kingdom come; your will be done on earth as it is in heaven”. Jesus was the only man who had ever lived to see how the Father’s will actually is done in heaven. He viewed the evil of this world from a unique vantage point: Evil is the exception, not the rule in the Universe.

We see the evil in the world every day on the news; so often that it becomes commonplace. We think that this is the way things are done all over God’s creation. We have come to expect that cowardly men build bombs and leave them on the side of the road to kill greater men who give their lives to protect a peace that they so desparately want to destroy. We cannot allow this cowardly crime to become typical of the way humans act.

Let’s resolve to make the actions of Warrant Officer Brown typical. Let us guard the peace of the part of the world that we call home. Let us stand up and resist those who try to spread chaos and destruction. I pray that the world will find peace to be commonplace in traumatized countries like Afghanistan. Let the rule of law and democracy become routine in Afghanistan and in other war torn places all over the world. May God’s will be finally done on earth they way it always is done in heaven.