Classroom1At the GLCHS Christmas party last week one of the party games we played was coming up with a top ten list on a given topic.  My table was given The Top Ten Things You’ll Never Hear a High School Teacher Say.  Here’s what we came up with:

10.  Your dog ate your homework?  Is he O.K.?

9.  (In the last 5 minutes of a staff meeting)  Excuse me, there is one more think I would love to get everyone’s opinion on.

8.  Of course yesterday’s test is marked.

7.  Unless I’ve got 28 kids in my class I just don’t feel like I’m teaching.

6.  Wait a minute!  Let’s ask the principal and see what he thinks!

5.  Here’s my home phone number.  Call me tonight if you have any questions.

4.  Eight weeks of summer holidays is such a drag!

3.  This classroom smells great!

2.  Sure you can have a re-test.  Let me write one up for you.

and the number one thing you’ll never hear a High School Teacher say:

Year round schooling?  That sounds great!