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Today at 3pm local in every time zone in the world the World Council of Churches is coordinating a ‘global bell ringing action timed to coincide with the close of the Climate  Summit in Copenhagen. Churches in each community are going to ring their bell 350 times.

Why 350 times? Folks at Climate Justice say that a concentration of 350 ppm of CO2 is the upper end of what the planet can bear and without radical change we risk suffering significant environmental impact.

You can read more at www.350.org .  Some people question whether climate change is due to human activity or not but one thing cannot be debated:  CO2 emissions (the rate at which they are produced) have never been higher in human history and humankind is currently consuming resources (wood, oil, clean water, etc.) much, much faster than it can be naturally replaced.

Listen for some bells this afternoon and consider your role in stewarding the world God has created.