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Perhaps ‘top’ Three is not accurate. Let’s call them the first three online resources you could use to help with beginning a habit of Bible study in 2010.

I Support EXAMEN.me

Online Journaling Bible Study Site

Examen is an online devotional tool designed by worship pastor, Brent Minter.   It allows you to “examen” your life as you meditate on scripture, pray, and journal all of your reflections. Scriptures are provided in ESV (English Standard Version).  Click the icon on the right to give it a try.

Downloadable Reading Plan:

Click here to download a set of bookmarks in pdf version which list a reading plan which will get you through either the entire Bible, or just the New Testament in one year.

First Step Reading Plan for iPhone

If you have an iPhone the Life Journal First Steps Reading plan developed by Wayne Cordeiro is fantastic. This plan takes a only a portion of the reading from the Life Journal Plan and offers a decreased amount of reading without losing the flow. This plan is perfect for youth and new believers.

Watch a demo here: