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I am so very sorry for the supporters of Strawberry Point Camp. They fell prey last week to one of the great lies of the 21st Century Humanist agenda. Their application for a funding contest was rejected because they promote a particular ideology. The problem is every camp, every cause on earth promotes an ideology. You’re not wrong to feel jerked around on this SPCC because you were.

The secular world of politics and insurance companies would have you believe that there are two perspectives in the world: a Religious Perspectives and a Non-Religious Perspective. Non-Religious people are unbiased and see the world objectively while people with Religious Perspectives are ideologically biased and can only see the world in service of their own religious beliefs. What a load of crap!

EVERYONE has an ideological bias! If there is one trade-up offered by the Post-Modern Worldview it is that everyone is biased. There is no such thing as an objective position.

The EL Crossley Rowing Team has an ideology to advance. Just read their application: “Over the years E.L.Crossley rowing has been a driving force in getting teens involved in rowing both for the fitness aspects as well as developing self-confidence.” they have clear values and want to advance their own cause. What’s the difference?

The Toronto Cat Rescue has an ideology. Save Orphan Deer Fawns, Songbird Rescue, they all do. (I’m not making these causes up. They all made it to the semi-finals!)

Strawberry Point’s application was rejected because it promoted faith. SPCC provides a great outdoor camping experience for kids of all backgrounds within an ideology that claims that God has created the earth for His own glory and that Jesus Christ is His Son.

YMCA Day Camp (for example) is not a camp experience free of ideology! It just has a different one. Most of the time when an agency claims to have no idealogy, it has a human sectarian one.

Western culture says that being spiritually minded is okay as long as you keep your beliefs private and do not bring them into the public arena. The irony of this position is that it is based on humanist assumptions about absolutes. Secular humanism is absolutely certain that there are no absolutes.

Ravi Zacharias writes:

“I just returned from Thailand and Singapore. Every mall I walked through in those countries was playing Christmas carols. One of the world’s tallest Christmas trees was in Central World Plaza in Bangkok, Thailand. Christmas trees and Christmas decorations filled the streets of Singapore and carols were playing there. In America, Christians wonder whether they can even do this anymore without someone questioning whether they ought to acknowledge Christmas in the marketplace.

What has happened? The Judeo-Christian worldview has become the pariah stepchild of worldviews and is being attacked while other worldviews are respected, reverenced, and recognized as part of history and the culture of other nations.”

It stinks, and it’s not fair. The good news is that SPCC is starting it’s own fundraiser to fund it’s waterfront project. Let’s get behind that!

Canada Helps: Waterfront Revitalization at Strawberry Point Christian Camp