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This blog entry is for my Church of Christ peeps. The rest of you might not find this interesting.

I just read the darndest thing. Some of you might know that Caleb Hawley advanced to the Hollywood round of American Idol last night but I’ll bet you a ham sandwich you would never be able to guess how I found that out. Better YouTube Video available here.

Monroe Hawley
Normally I would never find out about American Idol. I have abandoned idol worship in all it’s forms 🙂 but I was reading my online Christian Chronicle today and I just about fell off my chair. Caleb Hawley went to York College in Nebraska (CofC school) but that’s not the amazing part. Caleb is the grandson of legacy mainline Church of Christ author, and minister Monroe Hawley; champion of a cappella worship. (See an interview with the Chronicle here)



First of all, learning about American Idol in Christian Chronicle is like getting gambling tips from the Gospel Herald. Secondly, Monroe Hawley’s grandson winning at American Idol? That is absolutely bizzare!

Monroe Hawley wrote Redigging the Wells which remains one of my favourite books of all time. It was one of the most formative books I’ve ever read. I was so effected by it I bought two copies so I could lend one out. (It is currently available if you would like it.)

His grandson winning a stage of American Idol is one of the most cosmic convergences I can imagine. This would be like Max Lucado’s son winning the UFC championship.

Strangest, funniest headline this week. Perhaps of the month. Thanks American Idol, I needed that!