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Today Ed Stetzer wrote on his blog,


On May 19, 1780 the sky over Connecticut turned dark – so dark that they needed candles to see at noon. The darkness spread as far as they could see, every town in the area that they could contact experienced the same thing. It was shocking, frightening, and unexplainable to the people of that day (later, historians would explain that it was a combination of smoke from Canadian forest fires, cloud cover, and fog). But, to them, all they knew was that the sun was blotted out at noon– the end must be at hand.

The Connecticut legislature was unsure if they should meet or go home with their families and face the end. They would have to bring in candles to conduct even the most basic business. But, Abraham Davenport (later made famous by a poem) stood up and expressed it clearly. He stood up and proclaimed:

I choose, for one, to meet Him face to face,
No faithless servant frightened from my task,
But ready when the Lord of the harvest calls;
And therefore, with all reverence, I would say,
Let God do His work, we will see to ours.
Bring in the candles!

I saw a bumper sticker the other day that captured this thought nicely: Jesus is returning, Look Busy!

(I will write something on rapture tomorrow; before 6pm PST 🙂