[From Noel] If you are looking for reflections from perfect land, keep lookin’. This blog is for married people who don’t have their junk together but they love Jesus and they are trying to love each other as well as they can.

One thing churches (and our culture in gennoel portrait1BWeral) doesn’t do well these days is cultivate opportunities for people to learn from those who have lived a bit and have some experience. Church ought to be a great place for people who are a little further down the road to come alongside those who are younger and provide some guidance. In Titus 2 Paul talks about older women and younger women “doing life together,” learning from each other but two things today get in the way.

Firstly churches have a bad habit of keeping different age groups apart.  We have “Young Married’s class” and “Seniors Groups” and never the two shall meet.  Secondly we are so guarded and so careful not to let our dirty laundry show that we convince each other that we all live in Barbie and Ken land.  When we all practice looking perfect it leads each of us to believe that we must be the only ones who are messed up!

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[From Julie] On this blog Noel and I will share, as honestly as we can, what we have learned in the hopes that those of you who have been married less than 18 years might learn from our many mistakes, and our few successes. We’re also going to have guest posts from men and women, young and old whose opinions we value. Our prayer is that this blog will help bring people together at many different points along their marriage journey so that we can all gain some wisdom and feel a sense of community.  We hope this is a place for you to learn a little, laugh a lot, maybe be challenged to respond to your spouse differently and get some much needed encouragement along the way.

We are going to talk about books that we are reading, music that we are listening to, videos that we have seen and how they have helped us.  If you have some encouragement please feel free to add comments and share your experiences.  May God bless us all with the right words every time we attempt to share something close to our hearts.  It’s going to be fun!