julie portrait3BW[From Julie]  If I want a better marriage I need to be investing in my relationship with God. Sounds a little strange doesn’t it? Shouldn’t I be working on my relationship with my husband since we are the two people in this marriage? Well, yes but the first step to becoming a better spouse is becoming a better servant of God. Everything starts and ends with God. Okay, great than let’s start looking at all the Bible has to say about marriage. Let’s maybe get a few good books about how to build a strong Christian marriage and go from there. All good things and I would definitely encourage you to read as much as you can. There are lots of wonderful resources out there but recently I’ve been thinking that if I want to be a better wife I need to learn to be a better child of God. The more time I spend getting to know the character and nature of the Lord I serve, the more time I spend in personal study and reflection, the more time I spend opening myself up to hearing his call on my life, the more I will start to reflect Jesus. Jesus is who I’m trying to emulate. I’m not trying to be a better Julie or a Julie plus Jesus, I’m trying to be Jesus acted out in the life of Julie. He comes first, not me. His character starts to show through and my mind and actions get transformed. The more I know him and I mean really know him the easier it is to be like him.  When both you and your spouse are exploring the character and actions of Jesus the better and more fulfilling your relationship becomes.

Jesus needs to be the centre of my marriage. Not Noel, and not me, Jesus. When we are both actively searching for a deeper relationship with God our attitudes and actions toward each other become more Christ-like. It’s Jesus that makes a wonderful marriage. Wouldn’t we all like our spouse to act and react like Jesus did. Forgiving, tender, kind, loving and serving. Caring for our needs even to death. Not bad for a man who wasn’t ever married, but totally expected for the creator of the universe.


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