julie portrait3BW[From Julie]  Welcome to an exciting day here at the blog.  This is the first post (of many in the future) where you will receive wisdom from other people who have many more years of marital experience than Noel and I (Something for which we can all be thankful).  When we first thought about starting this blog Noel and I both knew that we had just as much to learn as anyone else so we wanted to seek out people who would be willing to contribute occasionally.  God is good and he has blessed us with many couples who provide sound Biblical counsel and have agreed to share with all of us.  They are taking to heart the passage in Titus 2:1-5.  They have much to teach and we have much to learn.  And as a side note; they’re awesome!

The first question has it’s beginnings over a year ago when Noel and I where doing some premarital counseling for a young couple about to get married.  We talked about how marriage works best when Jesus is at the center and they smiled and nodded. Then the precious bride-to-be asked,  “What does making God the center of your marriage look like on a day to day basis?”  Great question.  We gave them some of our thoughts on the matter but knew we needed some help from others who had been married for many years.  I put the question to two of my mentors in all things related to Christian womanhood and they responded with some wonderful advice.  First we are going to hear from Wilma Smith who has been married to her husband Wayford for almost 60 years!  They are servant leaders in our church and are the couple Noel and I say we want to be like when we grow up.  Later in the week we will hear from Phyllis Stanley and Phyllis May.  Both wonderful women of God.

Without further adieu take it away Wilma.  Don’t forget to leave your comments and encouragement.


WilmaWow! this is not an easy thing to answer. I believe that one of the ways we have made God the center of our marriage is spending time together reading God’s word and having prayer together. We try to spend time each day reading a short passage and then have prayer. When our kids were home we used our dinner time to do that. It was not always possible and we didn’t beat ourselves up if it didn’t happen. One of us (Wayford, me or one of the girls) would read a very short passage and the others would ask a question that could be answered from that passage. That became a popular thing with their friends who might be visiting.

We have always made it a habit to attend church services, not because it was expected of us but we felt we would be better for having been there. We never had to make that decision, it was just an automatic thing to do. Also, we have tried to attend seminars and special programs to help us mature as a Christians and to be a better spouse.

We have made a practice of not criticizing the other one in public. Nothing deflates ones ego more that their spouse putting them down to others.

Being completely trustworthy is very important.

We have not blamed God for difficulties that have arisen in our family.

I like to compare a marriage to a triangle with God at the pinnacle and me at one base corner and Wayford at the other. As each of us grows spiritually we get closer to God and closer to each other.

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