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julie portrait3BW[From Julie] Today we have a surprise for all of you (and me too).  A couple of days ago I got an email from a wonderful woman who had read Wilma’s post.  She has been reading the blog and was very encouraging in her words to us.  She also had much to share on this topic.  We asked if she would be willing for her comments to be posted and she agreed.  So as a bonus contributor I give you Wilma Lansdell.

Wilma and her husband Clyde have been married for 55 years.  They now live in Meaford ON but for many years they lived in Beamsville and were members at the church were Noel is now the minister.  I got to know them in the ’80’s and ’90’s.  Clyde taught our teen class periodically and I even lived with them for a short period of time before Noel and I got married.  Wilma even made my bridesmaid’s dresses.  She’s great.  Wilma’s thoughts on God and marriage are hard won.  Some people gain wisdom by common grace and some gain it through treading faithfully through the rough patches in life.  Wilma has done both.  She loves God and her family.  What better legacy to share with others so I’ll let Wilma take it away.

wilma2rOur story isn’t sweet and pretty – lots of marriages aren’t. But they don’t need to end. Two things are important to me:

1) I remember in the worst of our crisis saying over and over to God on my drives to and from work – ‘Lord, what is the right thing for me to do.’ I meant first what is right for my husband, what action do I need to take to help his faith and spirituality and second what do I need to do that will be best for my family. I know that sounds noble but it wasn’t because I instinctively knew that when I do what is best for someone else it will also be best for me. Fred R. Smart taught me that a long time ago.

2) I remember distinctly when the realization came to me that what was going on in this world was a giant battle between God and Satan and I was a part of it. At first, I was very angry with God for using me in His battle the way I was being used but as I worked through that I came to feel a great honour that God would choose me, a little kid from Meaford, to help Him win the battle with Satan. That thought has been a blessing to me ever since that day. It has helped me through the rejection by people I love, helped me through loneliness and all the other aspects of my journey. I can honestly say at this point in my life, in some ways, I am glad it all happened for God has brought something positive out of so much hurt. My focus now is not ‘church’ or programs. My focus is God Himself and reaching out to whoever He puts in my path and being the ‘church’ with them.