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julie portrait3BW[From Julie] We asked a bunch of our friends, “What changes in your spouse have surprised you the most since you first got married?”

Today we’ll hear from Jodie Cook.  She totally rocked this assignment even though she was a little nervous about doing it.  Jodie and her hubby Jeremy have been friends of ours for a long time.  We all went to high school together but in addition to that Noel and Jer grew up together at Tintern.  Jeremy was even in our wedding and Noel was in his.  Jeremy and Jodie are raising their three beautiful daughters and doing a pretty fantastic job at it.  They are tried and true friends that never waver.  So before I get all misty over here I’ll let Jodie take it away.

Photo0095FourBySixAs little girls we dream of what our wedding will be like, but we don’t give much thought to what our marriage will look like. In every marriage, in every relationship for that matter, change happens in differing degrees. Some are small and some big. Some changes occur slowly over time, and you can prepare for them, while others you may not even recognize as a change until much later. Others are swift and unexpected.  The dictionary defines change as:

  1. To cause to be different
  2. To give a completely different form or appearance to; transform
  3. To give and receive reciprocally;

These definitions describe my marriage relationship. For example when Jeremy and I were first married we were both finishing up post secondary school – Jeremy for Sports Therapy and I was getting a degree in Psychology. We were young, in love, naive about what our lives would be like and free to do whatever we wanted with little restriction (aside from finances). Sixteen years later, I’m an Office Administrator for an architectural firm (definitely using my psychology degree there :)) and Jeremy is a billing manager for a number of Physiotherapy clinics. We have a home, three beautiful daughters and a supportive network from our church, family and friends.

Life experiences have changed us from the people we were then to who we are now. Our schedules are more hectic with family, work and church activities and responsibilities but through it all, we have become more mature, more grounded in what is important to us as a couple: our family, our faith in Christ and teaching that love and relationship to our kids.

By joining ourselves together in marriage we have caused each other to be different. We have been transformed from young individuals into an adult couple that works together through the grace of God as we face the circumstances that come our way. Throughout our marriage, we have made a point of attending marriage seminars and about a year
ago we participated in the Peasant Princess series with a number of couples from church. We do this not because our marriage is troubled but because we know that it is important to continue to change, adapt, strengthen and evolve our marriage partnership. I respect my husband more today than I did the day I married him, because of the things that have changed – his character is more developed, he is more sure of himself and his relationship with Christ and he is more steadfast and fierce in his protection, and love for me and his daughters. He provides a steady and consistent place to rest my head and my heart.

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