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julie portrait3BW[From Julie]Nothing is perfect nor is anyone able to be perfect, however I think perfection is something we make it.  When Noel and I got married I thought we were perfect together and we would build a life that was perfect because we had the only thing that really matters, we loved each other.  I married a teacher and I was a nurse.  Perfect.  We’ll both get jobs and we’ll have lots of money to do all those wonderful things I was planning in my head.  My perfect family was two boys and a girl, preferably in that order.  We would have a beautiful home and beautiful kids and things would be, well perfect.

Unfortunately, life happens and the job thing didn’t really work out as imagined for me (it took me seven years to get a nursing job). Never-the-less we still had just enough to get by.  I worked a job that I really didn’t like and didn’t pay well.  Noel was teaching, which was a miracle in and of itself, and we were finding out how difficult his choice of vocation really was.   Things were tight but we moved on.  We had a rough start to our parenting goals with a late miscarriage and the difficulty of dealing with that.  We didn’t vacation and we got by on one car.  Still I thought things were pretty great.

The life we have now bears no resemblance to what I thought would be perfect when I was in my early 20’s.  I’m married to a pastor not a teacher, and we have four wonderful boys (two of which happen to be twins) and no girls.  It’s perfect.  It’s God’s kind of perfect.  It’s what he has planned for us.

As my life changed so did my view of perfect.  I would not have chosen to change my plan however I see the beauty of this plan.  I never would have chosen the road of miscarriage, of losing my mom at such a young age, or even having twins.  My faith was strengthened by all the events of life, good and bad.  I’m able to reach out to those suffering a loss because I’ve walked that road.  I know the trials of a young family and a young marriage because I’ve been there and done that too.

The objective of my life is not to get to the end of it and be able to say how perfect everything was.  The objective for me is to serve and see the beauty of God’s plan in every event in my life.  It doesn’t mean that I’m going to love every moment of it or never try to change things.  I’m a slow learner and I’m constantly trying to make God do what I think is best.  When I just give in and go with it I’m always the better for it.  I’m frequently trying to stay focused on the big picture and not get lost in the small details that can sidetrack me.  One thing that I’m always trying to remember is that God’s timing is perfect even if I don’t understand it.  My life doesn’t look much like I thought it would but it’s still perfect and when it changes again it’ll continue to be perfect.