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[From Julie]  Okay, we’re off to a great start with the contest.  Today we have a feature family on the blog.  Their pictures are terrific and we couldn’t have just one so we are rolling out a pictorial montage of Williams family Christmas excitement.  Even Gordon the cat gets involved although I’m not sure how thrilled he is about it.  This family very clearly have a ton of fun together and love to spend as much time together as possible.  Many of these pictures have stories which just adds to the fun so let’s have a big hand for the Williamseses.

Almost all of Dwayne’s extended family went to Florida in 2009. This is them enjoying the surf on the Atlantic shore on Christmas eve 2009. The temperature is in the mid fifties. Janine recalls later being freezing (ya think?).  Bonus points for the arm shelf everybody!

Williams fam

This is referred to in Williams’ family lore as, ‘the incident.’ Janine writes, “this is the incident where Mickey looks like he is groping Maddie. In reality she had tripped on his HUGE foot and he was preventing her from falling. What a helpful mouse.” After ‘the incident,’ all is forgiven.
Maddie and Jenna

Maddie the incident

Just because you went to Disney for Christmas doesn’t mean you can’t have turkey!
Janine and Dwayne disney

Every cat needs a Christmas outfit. Gordon’s got one.


Another Williams family tradition: dress the parents.  Looks like Gordon got a new sweater!
Janine and Dwayne dressed up

The pictures aren’t polished and posed (more staged than posed).  There are at least 100 pictures taken every year which may have to do with having teen age girls in the house, but what I like is that you can tell the Williamses take time to have fun together at Christmas.  They invent crazy traditions and have made a habit of sharing the holiday with each other.  You can’t wrap fun and put it under the tree but the greatest gift you can give this year is presence. (gag that’s cliche)