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[From Julie] I hope you all enjoyed the Williams family fun yesterday. Now it’s on to couples. We’ve got some cute looking people reading this blog and the stories are often cuter than the folks in the pictures. So lets get started.

First up is John and Anne.  They’ve been married for several years, have three children together and now have three grand babies (and counting). They have also been through successful cancer treatment side by side, taken a few memorable trips and they have even worked together in the same office.  I’ll bet they’ve even wall papered together in the past.  🙂 Talk about a marriage that sticks!  Look at them now, still in love and still snuggling in pyjamas with Christmas hair.
John and AnneNext is regular reader Heather and her husband Phil.  This is what Heather has to say; I love this story too:
“I’m not sure if the attached photo qualifies for the contest (though I would say it is pretty pathetic), but here is why I love it: This is our first Christmas, our first Christmas “portrait”. We were 3-months married and living in a terrible, dingy basement apartment (each move has, gratefully, been an improvement on the last). We didn’t have a real tree – just a tree branch we found in the Ikea parking lot that I wrapped in a fake, evergreen garland then decorated with ornaments and ribbon from the Dollar Store. Kids were 4 years away – it was just us and my fat cat. I love the fresh-faced, youthful enthusiasm of this picture (not as youthful as some on their first married Christmas, but more youthful than we are now for sure). We had our whole marriage ahead of us, we didn’t have much stuff – hand-me-down furniture and a sad little Charlie Brown Christmas tree – and we were experiencing our first Christmas as a married couple – establishing our own traditions. And we look so happy. Who doesn’t sometimes miss the excitement of those early months of marriage? I love this picture because it is where our Christmases as a family started. What’s sad is I still have that sweatshirt.


The next entry is a little different because it doesn’t have the couple in the picture but read the story and see if you aren’t touched by Rachael’s memory of last year with her new husband Jeff.

Rachael writes, “so far we have only had one Christmas together as a married couple, so my choice of photos was limited. There is so much that I love about this picture though. The first is that it represents our current stage of life. Sometimes we wish we could be further along, with steady jobs, a house of our own, etc. but this Christmas I was a student, and we didn’t have the time, or the budget, or the space for a bigger tree. I think this picture will be a nice reminder when we move on to bigger and better things to look back and see how we started. The second is that it reminds me of my husband’s character. The tree we used was one that he rescued from the woods when his dad was clearing space. Jeff planted it in a pot, took it into the greenhouse and cared for it. The final thing it reminds me of is God’s goodness. We started Christmas with one ornament, and a string of dollar store beads I wore to school on “Bling Day”. We now have a good sized collection of things, all of which were given to us, including from women at my mother’s work who have never met us, but heard we had no Christmas decorations and sent us some. Throughout the year, there were a number of times I was unsure about how things were going to work out, but they always came together. This picture is a reminder for me of all those times, and the fact that God knows what he is doing, we just need to trust him.”


Last but not least today is the Hurleys.  I think this picture is terrific.  It’s the first Christmas in their new home when it was just the two of them and the dog.  They spent many hours together working on home improvements with the help of their wonderful family and they appear to have gotten at least this corner of the livingroom looking great  for their picture.  You guys look terrific.Lori and Dave