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[From Noel]  There’s nothing kids look forward to more than a few moments on Santa’s knee right?  Apparently not!  At least not at first:

Eva’s not sure what to make of Santa:
Eva and Santa

Once mom is there it seems like it’s O.K.
Lindsay and Eva

The Tallman’s have a Christmas Tradition: Crying on Santa’s knee. At least Erika’s O.K. with it.

In this one from our friends Terral and Laura, nobody likes Santa.
Terral Santa

At least not everyone is upset with Santa. Regular reader Mike sent this one of his daughter. He writes, “our daughter turned one year old on November 30, and it was taken last week. She was sitting and it was probably the first time she ever saw anything like a Santa hand with Milk and Cookies. She is a very happy, little girl. It is an expression that should probably be titled ‘Everyone Should See Christmas Though a Child’s Eyes’ ”