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[From Noel]  We have received a few really wonderful photos this week while the contest has been running.  All of them are terrific and filled with special memories for the families in them.  So lets get started with, “Miscellaneous Christmas photo Day” here on the blog:

First up is Wanda with a great picture.  At first I couldn’t even find the little boy in the picture but he’s there.  Wanda writes, “This is one of my favourite family Christmas photos.  My sister-in-law is in the background watching my husband wrestle with her two year-old son.  There’s a mess of paper all over the floor and no one cares because we’re all having fun.  (This is one of those picture that you take on a whim and end up loving.)”


Next we have the Lee family.  Sheri tells us about some of the Lee family traditions:

“This first one is from 2007 and totally represents Christmas at the Lee’s on many levels: Jessi has just opened the sweet and salty granola bar box to find the camera she has been wanting. Tori is working on a shoe box where she will find her first iPod. Cody has an apple box that will reveal a basketball when opened. It is a family tradition to wrap gifts in boxes that do not belong to the gift. Also traditional is that I almost cut people out of pictures! I love this picture because this is the first year that Jessi had gone away to school and we were all happy to be together.  I will take on your 100 picture challenge this year because we may not all be together for Christmas every year from now on, or we will have additions to our family, since Jessi will be married in February.”
the Lee's 1

“Here they are all excited when Tori finds her ipod. Also traditional is the homemade decorations on the wall and the clutter in the background. Just the way it is at the Lee’s.”
the Lee's 2

Finally we have a letter and a couple of pictures from Vern and Marg.  Marg writes, “You have been talking on your blog lately about marriage and of course we are now approaching marriage from the other end of the spectrum. We are living a distance away from our children & grandchildren and so have to make our own fun. We have to find our own ways to keep our lives active and fulfilling. One thing we do is make it a point to go on dates on a regular basis. They never cost much, but allow us time to focus on each other more.

The last few weeks, when we head out for Friday night skating we have been wearing our plush Santa hats. Vern also has a red jacket that he wears because it is lightweight enough for skating and moving around comfortably. As you will see in the pictures his beard is now almost pure white. Generally in September, I give in and tell him he can grow his beard long enough for Christmas (but after that I come after it with the clippers). Put all those things together and you will see by the pictures that he gets a lot of attention at the skating rink and wherever else we go. All kinds of children want to skate with him and he loves giving them the attention. They give him funny looks when he tells them that he needs to skate with his date as well. It’s as if they were thinking, “Why would you want to skate with that old lady when you could skate with me?”

The picture of the two of us was taken while we were in town shopping. We went to our favourite restaurant for supper and he kept his hat on while he ate. The 2-year boy at the next table kept saying, very quietly, “Ho Ho Ho”. Our favourite waitress slipped a sucker into Vern’s pocket and told him to take it to the child when he thought it was appropriate. He did that and the little boy beamed from ear to ear.  So did the mother. As we left the restaurant the waitress snapped this shot of us and mailed the picture to us. Later, in mall parking lots and stores, he kept hearing things called out to him like – “I’ve been good”. – “Merry Christmas Santa” – “Ho Ho Ho”.
2011-12 Vern & Margaret at Golden Dragon Restaurant #0002

Santa Vern & Mrs Santa wish you a Merry Christmas.