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julie portrait3BW[From Julie] Here it is.  The long awaited winner of the first Christmas Photo Contest.  Lets start with third place.  Wanda’s photo of Christmas morning mayhem is just plan terrific.  I’m sure this little boy received lots of new toys for Christmas but instead of playing with them he’s playing with his uncle.  Family is just plain fun sometimes.  Thanks for sharing with us Wanda.  As a third place prize we are sending you lots of Christmas cheer.

Second place goes to Wilma.  That’s simply a lot of people to get in one picture.  When you consider the story Wilma sent in with the photo, this picture is pretty good.  Maybe sometime soon you can try it again Wilma and everyone will be healthy and happy and looking at the camera.  For second place we are praying for many more enjoyable years for you and the family and I’ll give you a hug the next time I see you.

On to first place.  We’ve chosen (drum roll please)…… Heather and Phil!!  We chose their picture for a variety of reasons.  First, we love the story that Heather sent us along with the picture.  Her description of where they were at in their marriage journey and what this picture represented to her took this photo from ordinary to extra special.  I love it when that happens.  Second, their photo got more comments suggesting that they win the contest than any other.  Even if those commenting just wanted to ensure that the Williams family didn’t win.  🙂  Just a little friendly competition.  Third, it’s our blog and we’ll do what we want.  Just kidding.  So Heather, let us know when we can drop off your prize and we hope you and Phil enjoy the Lake House.