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julie portrait3BW[From Julie] Here at the Walker house we are busy getting ready to facilitate a (hopefully) beneficial, helpful and exiting new experience for the married couples at our church home.  When the Driscolls published their book Real Marriage, Noel and I bought a few copies and we did a review here on the blog.  Since then we have loaned out a copy and given one away as a bridal shower gift.  We thought the book was well done and has the potential to benefit many relationships.  Mars Hill Church and the Driscolls have also put together a resource for small groups which we are now able to offer couples at our church.

When Noel suggested offering this small group I was interested but I wondered if the other marrieds at our church would be.  We thought that we would just give it a shot and see what would happen.  The sign up sheet went up and we bought some books for the couples to buy and get started with their reading.  The response has been encouraging (more than ten couples signed up) and I think we have a great group in the making.  Our first class is Sunday May 13th.  The day we usually spend celebrating motherhood.  My hope is that we can spend an hour that day celebrating another life changing role in the course of our lives, spouse-hood.  (I can make up my own words right?)  Husbands, you can focus on your wife not the mother of your children (or your own mother).  Wives you can focus on the man who made you a mother.  It’s all good and then you can go out for lunch and celebrate Mother’s Day.

real-marriage-resizedThere are eleven chapters in the book and each Sunday we will deal with one chapter.  The class begins with a short DVD segment with related questions based on the corresponding chapter.  It would be much more beneficial to read the chapter before the class however not absolutely essential.  You get out of it what you put into it so I would definitely encourage everyone to read as much as you can.

Noel and I have been talking about the class and the blog and we thought it would be fun to encourage our blog readers to read the Real Marriage book along with the small group.  Each week we can post the main thought/idea that the class will be looking at on Sunday and our blog friends can read the chapter and post thoughts here in the comments.  That way we can have an on-line small group that can benefit from the class as well.  It has potential for all of us to get something out of the book and it’ll keep readers on track so that you will be able to absorb the book in small bits.  The books are available pretty much anywhere and you can download to your Kindle as well if you prefer that.  You can also download to your Ipod if you prefer to listen instead of read.  So everyone buy a book and get reading and watch for future posts from the Tintern Real Marriage small group.