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julie portrait3BW[From Julie] As Noel mentioned in his post, we divided the class into husbands and wives for our discussion this week.  The ladies had an interesting conversation.  We were blessed to have wives at many different stages in their marriage journey which was helpful as we learn from each other.  The goal of the women’s discussion was to talk about supporting our husbands as they develop their ability to lead our families.

We talked about being an encourager when our husbands are struggling with their leadership role.  We shared some practical ways to help build on the abilities our spouses already demonstrate.  Communication is key and finding the words to express how it feels as a wife when the role of head has been left for us to fill.  We discussed the idea in the book of tough and tender husbands and the amount of effort it takes for a man to find the balance between the two.  Always being thankful and forgiving is paramount for both spouses.  We spend some time at the end of our class in prayer for our husbands.  Every woman in the room brought their man before God in prayer!  Husbands, you need to know how important you are to your wife and how much she values your leadership.  You have been lovingly brought before your creator by the person who has given herself to you for the rest of her life.  Your wife wants you to be led by God as you lead your family and she is praying for you.  That’s powerful.

I love the homework for wives for this week.  The questions are a great spring-board into some really meaningful worthwhile conversations.  It’s an opportunity to share your heart with your spouse and I encourage everyone in the class to make the extra effort this week to get the homework done.  I love the idea of sharing what you most appreciate about your husband.  Think about that question and don’t just write it down, tell him what you think.  Tell him how it makes you feel when he is leading your family well.  Make loving suggestions on where you need him to take a more active leadership role.  Don’t take over and don’t demean his efforts.  Encourage and support him.  He will do things differently than you would but if you want him to lead then you have to follow.  The questions this week can make a huge difference in the direction of your marriage.  Don’t forget to pray for your husband as he absorbs this very important chapter of the book and starts to make changes.  The Holy Spirit is at work here and God can change even the most passive of men or the most hard-hearted of men into the reflection of Jesus.