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Its 2013!  Welcome back to the blog. Many apologies on our lengthy delay. I had a Greek class at school this fall and as a result did absolutely no writing outside of school.  Julie has written some great posts but I’m the one that actually posts them so they are still waiting in the hopper, ready to go.

Our New Year’s resolution is to get back to writing more consistently. We have three posts to wrap up our Real Marriage series, and we also have plans for a 7 day challenge this month so stay tuned!

Here’s a New Year’s resolution that we would like you to consider. We invite you to comment on our posts more frequently.  We know you have lots to say about cupcakes, cat videos, baby pictures and so on.  How about your marriage?!  If we write something that strikes a chord with you this year write about it!  Tell us why that rings true!  If you disagree, we invite you to share what you are having difficulty with.  We would like to see the comment sections on this blog or the timeline on our Facebook page to have more conversation this year.  Thanks.