We are celebrating some really special occasions this year at our church along with our usual crop of new babies (which are extremely special in and of themselves).  Genesis 9:7 seems to be our congregational life verse.  Good job everyone.  We are exceedingly well blessed and God is faithful.

sadieDuring the summer we celebrated a wonderful lady who turned 100 years old.  Her family had a special family dinner.  Turkey dinner with all the trimmings followed by the birthday cake she always made for her family. As a special treat her daughter-in-law put loonies in each piece so that everyone present would leave with a 2013 one dollar coin.  Her church family surrounded her the following Sunday to mark the occasion with hugs, well wishes and of course more cake.  What a treat for all of us.

wayford and Wilma

This past Sunday we marked the 61st Anniversary of a wonderful couple.  They are leaders and mentors in our church family and special people to many, Noel and I included.  My Sunday isn’t complete without a hug from Wayford and Wilma.  Wilma has shared her wisdom with many women’s groups over the years as a leader and participant.  She has even shared with all of you as a guess writer for our blog.  Wayford is a wonderful man of God who has served many as a minister and continues to be an encouragement to us as an elder in our church.  They are a joy.  I’m so glad I’ve had the opportunity to sit at their feet.

So, Happy 100th Birthday Sadie and Happy 61st Anniversary Wayford and Wilma.  We love you.

wayford and Wilma2