This page is a quick stop for you to find posts that are media related. Here we will list book reviews, thoughts on movies and music, helpful websites, and conferences that might be of interest to our readers. Check back here if you think you may have missed something. Thanks for reading!


  • Sara-Groves-Fireflies-and-Songs“It’s Me” by Sara Groves is a tender look at practicing forgiveness in marriage. This song is from Sara’s 2009 album Fireflies and Songs which was Christianity Today’s album of the year. We both find the lyrics to be a compelling and convicting look at how we tend to wound one another when we are hurt and the freedom Jesus brings when we can forgive each other.
  • Corrie“Loving a Person” by Sara Groves sung by our friend Corrie Rose. This song accompanies a guest post by Corrie where she talks about the things that have changed in her marriage with her husband Don. Corrie sings and plays the song in a YouTube link at the bottom of the post. The song “Loving a Person” is from Sara’s 2005 Release Add to the Beauty.
  • EMPIRES“Miracle” by Sara Groves. This song is the title track off Sara’s 2011 release Invisible Empires.  It’s about the things that your marriage was meant to produce in you.  The fact that one flawed person can marry another flawed person and become kinder and more forgiving as a result is a miracle indeed.


    • bookcoverMarriage Without Regrets by Kay Arthur. Kay Arthur and her husband Jack are the founders of Precept Ministries International. She is a well known speaker and author of more than 100 books and women’s Bible study materials. This book is an encouragement to make your marriage the priority it needs to be.  On communication Kay writes, “the way you communicate is influenced by who you are. The way your mate hears you is influenced by who he/she is.” Two people can both hear the same thing but hear it differently.
    • ExperienceThe Love and Respect Experience is a devotional designed for husbands and wives.  The subtitle says it all:A husband friendly devotional that wives truly love.  It contains 52 short devotional thoughts with questions to discuss that develop the thoughts of the Love and Respect curriculum developed by author Dr. Emerson Eggerichs.  He has written many books in the Love and Respect series in which he applies the observation that women seek love and men seek respect in all of the interactions with each other.  It is an excellent resource for men and women.  A good conversation starter.
    • meaning-of-marriage1The Meaning of Marriage is a very thorough introduction to the what the Bible says about marriage.  It is written by Dr. Tim and Kathy Keller who work with Redeemer Presbyterian Church in Manhattan NY. It is based on what the apostle Paul wrote about marriage in Eph 5:15-33. Contained in this book is an excellent discussion in Chapter 6 on complementarity: the idea that men and women are created equal in value, equal in dignity but they are different in role and responsibility.
    • real-marriage-resizedReal Marriage:The Truth about Sex, Friendship, and Life Together is a book written by Mark and Grace Driscoll, who work with the Mars Hill Church in Seattle WA.  The book traces a sermon series at Mars Hill by the same name hand is originally from a sermon series / small group study called The Peasant Princess (listed below).  It is frank and a bit graphic, but it is unapologetically biblical and very practical. Marriages are worth in vesting in and this is a great book to start with.

Online Media:

  • The-Peasant-Princess-logoOur review of The Peasant Princess Sermon Series from Mars Hill Church.  We have run this as an adult Bible class four times and it has been warmly received.  It is a great investigation of the book of Song of Songs in the Bible with lots of conversation starters for married couples.  A real blessing for us and for marriages at our church.



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