Seven Day Challenge

julie portrait3BW[From Julie] [From Julie]  The Seven Day Challenge is this: When you see this icon on the blog banner, we are challenging you to make sexually intimacy with your spouse a priority for the next seven straight days.  Simply commit to having sex every day with your spouse for the next week.  If you are going to be legalist about something, be legalistic about this!   Feel free to engage more than once a day if you want, just don’t tell anyone about it. The rest of us might get jealous.

No excuses. No headaches, backaches, sideaches, too tired, too hungry, too cranky, etc. For all you shift workers, I know this is difficult but it’ll be worth it. Quickies count. This will be good for all of us.

7 Day challengeThe idea is to draw closer as a couple. Take seriously your role as your spouse’s one and only lover and love your spouse well. Even if you have difficulty imagining being together that frequently because you are satisfied being a once or twice a week couple, this challenge can help make your connection stronger. This exercise will also hopefully build more of an appetite for your spouse, which can’t be a bad thing. I’ll bet this will also encourage more conversation between the two of you about your needs and desires in the bedroom. Go out on a limb and try this together. Just see what happens. It’ll be fun.


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