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julie portrait3BW[From Julie] A couple of months ago I was able to take in a Beth Moore Simulcast event at a local church.  I had this same opportunity about a year ago and our women’s group has traveled to a few live events as well.  Beth is one of my favorite speakers and teachers and she always inspires.  These events never fail to deliver a word from God straight to my heart.  He is very tangible when I’m in a room singing praises with so many other women.  While I was on my way to this particular event I was wondering what word God had in mind for me today.  I could only stay for the morning session so I was expecting God to deliver pretty early in the conference.  Oh boy!  Did he ever!  Some of what I heard felt like it was tailor-made just for me and some of it made me think about my marriage and the marriages I see around me.  I was disappointed that I couldn’t stay for the whole event but I knew in that short time I got what I came for.  A word from God.

Where is Jesus in your life?  Where is he in your marriage?  I’ve said before that it is only by the grace of God that Noel and I have a strong marriage.  When we got married I honestly didn’t know what to expect except that I wanted to be happy.  It wasn’t until years later that I wanted something more than ‘happy’ or ‘fine’.  Fine is what I can do on my own.  God didn’t call any of us to fine.  He called us to faith.  I don’t want a humanly explainable marriage.  I want a life and a marriage with the supernatural provision of God.  I love how Beth puts it; “my needs are my invitation to live like this.”  This is great news!  When we struggle in our marriages we are poised to see the power of God.  When we are laid low by a seemingly insurmountable problem God is closer than we think.  Sometimes it takes problems on this scale to get our attention long enough to see the power of God.  When we can’t solve it ourselves and yet it gets solved and you can see the good coming out of the situation, it leaves us in the position of believing God had a hand in it.  That makes me think of my needs in a whole new light.

Think of what you need urgently.  What would it be that would change the course of your marriage?  Do you need better communication, more stability, deeper trust, recovery from infidelity or secret addiction, more understanding, a better sex life?  The list could be endless.  Pray about these things and wait for God to reveal what He wants you to learn.  He will come through for you.  It’s hard to describe how this works in an everyday situation but I know that I’ve felt this kind of direction from God and it is a better way to live than just trying to figure things out myself then hoping everything turns out okay.  I love that I can look back on 19 years of marriage and see God’s fingerprints everywhere.  Things could have gone so badly if we had continually tried to do this ourselves.  We’ve learned the hard way that choosing to live in ‘faith’ is better and that has led to a marriage and a life that is way better than ‘fine’ could ever hope to be.  Praise God.